An experience that brings you closer to the past without decoupling yourself from the most immediate present.


An experience that brings you closer to the past without decoupling yourself from the most immediate present.

Vicenç Moreto's Barbershop

Referent within the national barbering scene

What defines the essence of Vicenç Moreto's Barbershop is that brings tradition into the new times, running since 1959 with its own style and spirit that still persists to this day. The combination of classic aesthetic and tradition with the trendy and contemporary have made us a referent within the national barbering scene. In Vicenç Moreto's Barbershop we work hard to continue establishing our concept of the trade, with a focus on beards but without forsaking haircuts. We pride ourselves in researching and hunting new trends that keep us at the forefront of male image. We have a loyal customer base, varied and trendy -in line with the city of Barcelona- who are more than willing to trust in our professionalism. It's thanks to them that we are where we are, and we keep fighting every day to preserve that good standing. Nowadays, the team at Vicenç Moretó Barbershop is composed of 4 people that serve customers from over 90 countries.

Barbero del año 2014
Salón certificado por TheQhair.
Otorgadas dos Estrellas en Creatividad y Global Salon
Mejor colección masculina 2016


A way of being and a lifestyle

In charge of the barbershop is Vicenç Moretó, second generation of barbers with 28 years dedicated to the trade. For Vicenç, barbering is his life; he grew up with it. It's much more than a simple profession: it's a way of living. Vicenç Moretó is, nowadays, one of the most renowned barbers nationally and even internationally. Among his multiple awards we can find the "Despuntan" prize and the Barber of the Year 2014, while also participating in the creation of projects such as "El resurgir de la barbería" or PHC. He spends his time managing his barbershop, teaching workshops nationally and abroad and participating in the most important events in the field. Vicenç always strives for innovation and new adventures, without forgetting what makes his heart beat: his family.

Vicenç Moretó Barbería

A male locale since 1959, when my father started taking care of the personal image of his customers. A place where conveying and sharing is essential to us. Being a barber is a way of life. We are aware that perfection doesn't exist, but we strive to achieve it. Constantly learning and currently offering training, my evolution as a professional has taken me to the never-ending pursuit of improvement.

- Best men's collection 2016
- Barber of the Year 2014
- Barber of the Year 2015 Nominee
- Barber of the Year 2013 Nominee
- Salon certified by TheQhair. Awarded two Stars in Creativity and Global
- Co-funder and Member of Barberiasconencanto.com
- Despuntan Award 2013 Winner for one of our collections
- Tocado Magazine cover
- 5 covers: 3 national and 2 international; Denmark and UK
- Brand ambassador Artero, Booksy y Statement
- La Barbería del Norte in Bilbao as its technical director





For reservations, inquiries or just greet us

Remember that if you want to come to our barbershop it is essential to have an appointment.

Carrer Joaquim Costa, 51 (08001) Barcelona

933 173 855


Mon - Fri: 9:30h -14h y 15h - 19:30
Saturday: 9h - 13:30h